Carl D. Howe

Principal, Think Big Academy, Think Big Analytics, a Teradata Company

Carl has spent his career using words and data to predict how technology will change society. He has built leading-edge technologies as an engineer and assessed technologies and firms as an industry analyst. He now applies those skills as a principal instructor in big data technologies at Think Big Academy.

Carl formerly was Vice President of Yankee 451 Group’s Data Sciences group and was one of the best-known industry analysts on mobile devices. In his Data Sciences role, Carl oversaw all mobile technology monitoring, survey, and forecasting data products and has led its work in interactive data analysis and visualization.

In his research role, Carl examined and measured how mobile devices, networks, and content transformed the ways that consumers live. Carl’s contributions to Yankee Group’s mobility research included reports such as Batteries: The Power of Mobility, Analyzing The Tablet Landscape, The Four Horsemen of the Mobility Revolution, The Forgotten Smartphone Apps, and The Next Tipping Point: The Connected Experience. Carl’s research included research on the landscape and future of tablets, eReaders, and smartphones as well as the evolution of ecosystems around these devices.

Before joining Yankee Group, Carl and Joe Butt co-founded Blackfriars Communications to advise companies in complex industries on how to distill, communicate and deliver their value. Blackfriars developed syndicated marketing research about marketing budgets, attitudes and spending as well the Blackfriars Marketing Index, a publicly recognized gauge of marketing spending. While at Blackfriars, Carl also wrote the widely-read blog Blackfriars Marketing and published financial research reports on Apple Inc.

Prior to Blackfriars, Carl directed Forrester’s research in networking, computing and infrastructure, and was also a principal analyst. Carl’s research predicted the next wave of internet innovation in The X Internet, forecasted the impact of open source software in Open Source Cracks The Code and predicted the recession in the PC industry in 2000 in his 1998 report, PC Industry Roller Coaster. Prior to Forrester, Carl spent 18 years at BBN Corporation, where he helped develop operating systems for some of the largest parallel processors in the world and researched wearable computers, desktop videoconferencing and distributed systems. In addition, Carl helped firms like MasterCard, Wang and National Westminster Bank deploy early internets.

Carl has commented on technology in television venues ranging from Bloomberg Television to The Today Show to The CBS Evening News, and he has spoken at events in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is also a regular commentator on trends in technology for Marketplace, All Things Considered, and the San Francisco Chronicle as well as for numerous other international and national publications. Carl was also named one of the top 20 most influential US industry analysts in 2002 by Technology Marketing magazine.

Carl holds a S.B. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has served on the faculty of MIT and Wellesley College.

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